About Us

Who We Are

The All Nations Outreach Society is an emerging non-profit society founded by James Harry Sr., an outreach/peer support worker from the Haisla Nation. James supports Haisla members that are struggling with substance use, mental health and homelessness in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES). He builds personal relationships with community members in need and helps connect them with relevant agencies and service providers. James’ dedication to this work stems from his own experience of recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. After seeking treatment and becoming sober in 2014, he began offering support to other Haisla members in the DTES in 2017 and soon after became Haisla Nation’s first urban outreach worker.

Our Society

The All Nations Outreach Society is registered under the BC Societies Act and has a Board of Directors and an established bank account, all pre-requisites to apply for and receive grant and/or contribution funding.

The All Nations Outreach Society implements a trauma-informed approach, understanding that it is critically important to acknowledge and respect where people are in their healing journey. The All Nations Outreach Society provides holistic and ongoing support, unconditional love and care to those ready to heal. Trust, once established, is carefully nurtured as it is difficult to rebuild if broken.

The All Nations Outreach Society is proactively and collaboratively creating strategies that consider how Indigenous peoples and communities experience intergenerational trauma. The impacts on communities will depend on their size, remoteness to other communities and urban developments, jurisdictional boundaries, authority and current social infrastructure. The All Nations Outreach Society identifies the gaps and seeks to fill them.

The All Nations Outreach Society Board, partners and volunteers are working together to expand, maintain and share resources across their networks. This process will ensure sustainable, compassionate, non-judgemental and culturally appropriate support is available to Indigenous people at what could be the most vulnerable stage of their lives.

Board of Directors

James Harry, Sr

Founder and Haisla Nation Outreach Support Worker

Troy MacBeth Abromaitis

Troy is a member of Lytton First Nation, one of the communities of the Nlaka’pamux Nation and has deep family ties to the Secwepemc Nation, as well. Troy is a senior executive with nearly twenty years of experience, currently working as Director of Development with the Bucci Group of Companies.

Deborah Baker

Former Squamish Nation Councillor, member of Vancouver Coastal Health Board of Directors and member of the Atira Women’s Resource Society Board of  Directors.

Andrea Doolan

NTVS President/NLG, Executive Member of the Nisga’a T’samiks Society

Special Advisor

Pepita Elena McKee at Impact Resolutions

www.impactresolutions.ca | pepita@impactresolutions.ca 

On behalf of ANOS we are extremely grateful for the on-going support from Pepita and her team of specialists! Please visit the Impact Resolutions website for more information. Huy chexw a \o/